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  • This new method

    This new method Thus, without subjecting the body to surgery, a person is able to get rid of fat in just a few months.

    This new method is now considered the safest and most effective way to get rid of excess weight.

    Procedure for kriolipoliza simple: the selected part of the body imposed a special gasket to protect skin from low temperatures, and then vacuum applicator ( 1.

    He sucks the fat folds into itself, and then it affects cold.

    During the procedure, the client feels cold, no pain.

    The processing time of 1 hour, while the client can safely engage in various sitting or lying quiet activities such as reading a book or watching TV.

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    And then continue

    And then continue And then continue execution cycle .

    B2 " slopes in order" 1 / t - "one" - to bow his head to the left shoulder ; 2 / t - " and " - take the starting position; 3 / t - "two" - lean forward ; 4 / t - " and " - take the starting position; 5 / t - "three" - bow your head to the right shoulder ; 6 / t - " and " - take the starting position.

    And then continue with the movements described in a circle, in a loop, to subjective feelings of fatigue.

    Changing the sequence of slopes and adding new , get different options : B2 - tilt to the left shoulder , the initial position to the right shoulder , the initial position , forward starting position ; B3 - tilt to the left shoulder , the initial position , tilt back , starting position , tilt to the right shoulder , the starting position.

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    Using a variety

    Using a variety" Applied on cleansed face a little vegetable oil and then mixed gauze soaked with juice.

    It is necessary that those fruits or vegetables that you took did not contain chemicals , ie it is environmentally friendly.

    As for dairy products , then, as we have already noted , they change the acidity of the surface layer of the skin, drying it , with a probability of manifestation of the effect of peeling .

    A few notes about household masks in general.

    Using a variety of components for nourishing masks , desirable to create a mixture with the liquid structure , as aqueous solutions is better absorbed.

    To good effect to create a " greenhouse " conditions , covering over the face mask cloth or cellophane with slits for eyes and nose.

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    After a while, when

    After a while, when Here then straightened distorted muscles, skin metabolism is activated, tensioned fabric face, respectively, will look fresher and younger.

    You will be able to control his muscles, manage stressful situations.

    After a while, when such training will take you into the habit, you will feel the creators of their appearance.

    Of course! Because now you can "sculpt" your face alone! The main thing - time to recognize the problem and take responsibility for their appearance.

    "Do not wait for the mercy of nature," and take care of their beauty into their own hands! All exercises and routines to follow the love of self, focusing on their own health.

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    Deep fat layer

    Deep fat layer Fat distribution also depends on the location.

    Subcutaneous fat of the anterior abdominal wall and the top of the lower extremities includes two layers - superficial and deep.

    Superficial fat layer consists of compact, dense "briquettes" fat enclosed in a well-organized fibrous sheath.

    Deep fat layer consists of a loose fat separated disordered network of fibrous septa.

    What is the reason for the appearance of cellulite? Hormonal disorders related to pregnancy and childbirth.

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